Perfection Is In The Small Details
Sublimation is the transfer of ink onto a metal. This method leaves an engraved like look on the metal without actually engraving the material. 
  1. Sublimated Plaques
    Sublimated Plaques
    We offer sublimated plaques which as you can see in the photo to your right are beautiful and make the perfect gift or recognition of accomplishment. Sublimation opens the door to the unthinkable. We can put your companies logo on the award and use almost any sets of colors or designs you can imagine.
  2. Name Badges
    Name Badges
    We can design you or your company the perfect name tag so that your customers know who you are and you can represent the brand everywhere you go. Its the perfect advertisement plus your customers get a better feeling when they know who you are. (Your logo can be added to the name badge)
  3. Dash Plaques
    Dash Plaques
    These beautiful little sublimated plates are perfect for advertising for your company. You can put you logo on these and pass them out at various locations and events. You can also sell them as memorabilia or gifts with pictures (Example - football players for football teams with the right consent from the photographer) These also make perfect trophies and participate awards for your event.
  4. The History of Dash Plaques
    The History of Dash Plaques
    These plates were most commonly used during car shows to give to contestants as a participation trophy and a ticket into the show. The participants would put these on the dash as their VIP pass into the show. People then put the plaque on their wall as memorabilia of the event.
  5. Sublimates
    Sublimation doesn't stop here, we call also sublimated phone cases, drink coasters, can cozies, key-chains, mouse pads, licence plates, mugs, travel mugs, dog tags, necklaces, and more
  6. Mugs
    We can design you or your company a logo (or use your own) that can be place on a mug or travel mug. These make perfect gift or a stylish and professional look to any company or meeting room.